Friday, January 14, 2011

Tonsils Tonsils Tonsils!

Darn those tonsils!

Last week Matt had his tonsils removed. He is now 9 days out from surgery and still a bit sore. The first few days were pretty good as his medicine worked effectively and he rested a lot. The last two or three have been a bit rougher! His tonsil spots are healing but that also makes them more sore. Hopefully in a few more days he will be back to new.

The doctor said his tonsils were some of the biggest/not so good ones he has seen in a long time. We got to see them after the surgery and I was amazed that something that big actually fit back there!

Lots of water seems to be the key and we are both happy that in the long run the pain should be worth it. Now let's hope my tonsils (still intact) stay cooperative!

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